New England IPA Le Castor (NEIPA)


Microbrasserie Le Castor

New England IPA - Microbrasserie Le Castor


Brewed with enormous quantities of organic El Dorado, Mosaic and Citra hops, this juicy IPA showcases the tropical fruit aromas of these hops, paired with extreme drinkability and a soft bitterness & finish.

I have always loved Le Castor beers. In fact, I always felt that these people were brewing beer with a lot of passion and a lot of rigor! The Yakima remains, still today, one of my favorite IPA with the Morality of DDC. So when I knew they were brewing a NEIPA, I was just overjoyed! I could not wait to see their interpretation of this style still very popular today.

It’s not too easy, for the moment, to get your hands on it but I still managed my mission… So, it’s time to taste. 😉

On the nose, we’re already in the tropics. It smells honeydew melon, fruit salad and mango. That scent is so nice!

The beer is hazy and its color is a beautiful yellow-orange like the sun.

Indeed, the sun is there from the first sip! We are overgrown with tropical fruits like honeydew melon, cantaloupe, mango and papaya. The beer is juicy, and the texture is velvety like a smoothie. The resinous bitterness is not too pronounced and blends well with tropical flavors. A barely lemony taste, and honey flavors perfectly complement the very fruity side of this beer.

Everything is balanced perfectly!

This beer easily stand among the best NEIPA in Quebec. I have only one wish, that it be available more regularly and with the same quality. Wow! Congratulations Le Castor!

I tasted this beer after a wonderful evening watching Thom Yorke’s show. The atmosphere was perfect for a beer so well made!