IPA de la Nouvelle-Angleterre (NEIPA)


Riverbend Microbrasserie

IPA de la Nouvelle-Angleterre - Riverbend Microbrasserie


This IPA is a meeting between Quebec and the country of the Yankees. A simple “crack” and the tropical aromas of the hops are felt. American Mosaic, Quebec Rakau, a punch of fruity bitterness in a velvet glove.

This NEIPA is out of the ordinary! Whether it’s her rather thin body or her sharp bitterness, she shows us a different and daring personality.

You can taste citrus fruits, such as lemon and orange, and fruity flavours such as white grapes, melons, and apricots. The residual sugar is rather low and brings us a very refreshing side.

The dry finish leaves us with an earthy and resinous bitterness on the palate. It can even remind us of toasted slices of bread.

I would call this beer a fusion IPA, which borrows characteristics from its different sisters. Between NEIPA, the brut IPA and the old-school IPA (super bitter), there must be something in it for everyone!

This beer is so refreshing!