Gose aux algues (Barrel-aged Gose)


Riverbend Microbrasserie

Gose aux algues - Riverbend Microbrasserie
Gose with algae aged in Gin St. Laurent barrels


Being the first to join the Barrel Brotherhood of the St. Laurent Distillery is a real pleasure!

To enhance the aromas of old Gin, it’s a beer of the Gose type, in the imperial version, which has stayed for several months in these oak barrels.

The spices are a skilful blend between those of Gin St. Laurent and the classic Gose. The citrus fruit appears first, followed closely by the iodized and saline side of the Gose, made more complex by the addition of algae from the St. Lawrence River. A herbaceous, floral and woody presence takes the place, a memory of the presence of whisky and gin in the barrels. This exceptional product is an adventure, somewhere between the boreal forest and the seaside.

Gose is not a style that I enjoy regularly. However, the description greatly attracts my curiosity and I told myself that it was the perfect time to open it while the heat still gives me a lot of sweat!

On the nose, it smells of cereals, lemons, and herbs. Its scent is immensely fresh, a bit like a sea breeze.

The dress is ochre-orange and the beautiful, rapidly appearing, froth collar disappears after only blinking.

On the palate, the flavours of lime, lemon and salt appear first, followed by bitterness somewhat unusual for the style. The woody taste is very present and brings a very pleasant herbaceous side probably coming from the barrels of gin.

Cereals also appear and a little acidity accompanies us throughout the sip. As for the finish, it leaves us with an iodized taste accompanied by flavours of coriander seeds, herbs and a slight bitterness on the palate.

A complex Gose, superbly balanced, which deserves attention!

It’s super fresh, super original and super good!