Oscar KMS Bismarck (NEIPA)


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Oscar KMS Bismarck - Noctem Artisans Brasseurs


Beer photo is a challenge that fascinates me. Finding inspiration every time is not necessarily obvious and despite all the ideas I can have, it does not always come out as I would like. Some pictures, including this one, ask me more work and patience than others. I try to always highlight the product and be original in my own way (especially for the beers I like). 😉

IPA with a creamy and sparkling texture. It reminds me the style of IPA brewed by Bas Canada and Shelton. A predominant citrus taste (lemon, orange) with a moderate bitterness. We’re in little greener tropical flavors (passion fruit, pineapple) and in herbaceous and resinous notes. Very good refreshing beer without the roundness and the sweeter and fruity side of Catnip.

Personally, I prefer Catnip, but Oskar is perhaps more the style of IPA currently in vogue.