La Buteuse (Barrel-aged)


La Buteuse (Barrel-aged) – Le Trou du Diable

La Buteuse (Barrel-aged) - Le Trou du Diable
Triple aged in Calvados barrels


This very effervescent triple gives us, first and foremost, spicy flavors of apple pie. Subsequently, the earthy and vegetal notes are quite predominant. The final (dry-looking) brings bitterness with a burnt and caramelized taste (similar to the crust of a banana cake). To conclude, a sweet taste (honey) and very woody (oak, brandy, alcohol) remains in the mouth like a good spirit. A delight all the way!

Is this called an effervescent beer…? ?
La Buteuse - Brassin Spécial - Le Trou du Diable